Tyson's Story

My 6 year old son counts down the sleeps until his Kip class on Tuesday afternoons. Seriously!

When I enrolled Tyson for his first class during Grade R last year, it wasn't because he was struggling to keep up or alternatively because he showed signs of child-genius. It was because I wanted him to learn that Learning could actually be FUN – and Tracy had convinced me that her classes would be just that. Kip Umhlanga has not disappointed me, or my son!

In my opinion, the most important thing for our children to take with them to school is excitement about learning. If a child is academically brilliant but does not enjoy learning, it follows that he will not achieve his best. If a child is average, but enjoys his learning, then chances are that he will do the best that he can possibly do, and that’s what I want for my child.

Kip teaches the kids that Learning can be FUN, not a chore. They play games (I’ve seen them kick the world globe around the classroom), they have fun and they learn.

The teachers at Kip McGrath, with Tracy at the helm, are giving my son the best start that he could possibly need for his future. Oh, and they also have great stickers for the kids – 24 of which are proudly displayed on Tyson’s Kip Homework folder! (some have been removed by his little sister, unfortunately for him.)

Deborah, Parent
Kip McGrath Umhlanga (Gr1 Maths and English)

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