Jason's Story

I am writing this letter to you with the utmost respect and admiration.

My son and I came to see you during the October school holiday with dread and I say this with all respect. I explained to you that Jason had failed his term again due to his problem with maths and after hearing what the fees were going to be I died a second death. Well needless to say Jason withdrew his own money from his bank account (which wasn’t an easy thing) and we paid you hoping for the best.

I here want to apologise for forcing him on you for 4 days of the week knowing that you were on your own but you knew how desperate we were and accepted my son with open arm.

Last week Thursday 20/10/2011 we received a call from Ms Labuschagne which is Jason’s grade head at school and she was in disbelief. Apparently Jason wrote a maths test last week sometime and when his teacher saw Jason’s results he immediately went to her with Jason’s paper because he thought he had made a mistake and he wanted her to double check his results which she did. She could also not believe what she saw and went to the Headmaster so that he could verify Jason’s results.

Now I have not told you this before but I was actually already in this man’s office on one occasion because of Jason’s results.

After Mrs Labuschagne discussed Jason’s results with both these gentlemen she gave us a call and informed us that Jason scored 80% for his maths paper. This has never ever happened before Marilise and here I want to praise and at the same time thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know what you have done or how you have managed this but by God’s grace you were put on our path for a special reason.

I am truly grateful for having you in Jason’s life. You have made a huge difference in a matter of weeks and for this I cannot thank you enough.
I now am going to pay the fees for November with a smile. I love you for giving my little insecure boy so much confidence.

Please, please do not stop with whatever it is that you are doing because you obviously have the magic.

May you be blessed in abundance like you have blessed my son by being in his life. Thank you seems such a small word but I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Kind Regards,
Anette, Parent

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