Mem's Story

Who would have thought that a Sunday Times advert in April 2004 could have changed so many lives?  There we were typical empty-nesters in our late 50’s, rattling around in a big empty house.  “English and Maths teachers who love children… ”.  Well, with a large dollop of imagination, that could be us.  Peter had a lifetime of experience teaching English in schools, teacher training colleges and universities.  Mem had dropped out of teaching more than 30 years earlier to become an IT specialist.  But we both felt that we needed a new challenge.

By August 2004, our garage and adjoining study had been transformed into a Kip Centre, but we had no contacts in any local school, no friends with school-going children, in fact hardly any friends at all in this big city...

Fast forward to 2011:  In just seven years our Kip Centre has taken over our lives, as well as a considerable part of our house.   Having topped 300 “bums on seats”, we have reached the top five of 70 Kip centres in this country.  We both work full-time, and employ seven part-time teachers.  

There are always happy children and teachers around, so there is no time to be lonely. Now Sundays aren’t lonely, in fact we treasure them just to recover from our busy week.  

The benefits are huge. We have changed hundreds of children’s, and our own lives for the better.  Our centre’s market value is more than twenty times what we paid for it seven years ago.  Where else, but Kip McGrath could you get this kind of return on an investment?

Mem Rudge, franchisee
Kip McGrath Centre Pretoria East, South Africa